My parents named me Maria Andrea but my friends call me Eaea, like putting chili sauce on the plate. I was born in Costa Rica, home of the most insane nature and chill people, just when the 90s were beginning.

The first time I took a photo I was probably eight, it was a film camera that belonged to my parents and I remember feeling that I was good at something. But it was ten years later with a friend’s Pentax that I realized that the more strangers I captured with a lens, the more I fell in love with the world. So, carrying a camera became my number one habit.

In 2010 I created my first blog called Luna en la Cabeza, I needed to show some emotional honesty and somehow everything made more sense when I pulled it out of my head or when someone else related to it. After many failed relationships framed in poems and pictures, I found the core of it all: self love. 

Through self-portraits I not only got to truly appreciate my body but to know the reality and struggles many young women overpass nowadays. My main motivation was and will always be the capacity we all have as humans to connect with other's emotions, we are more alike than different, we can all feel the same.

Even though I was looking for answers inside, becoming a photojournalist looked like the perfect excuse to get out of my comfort zone and travel, while documenting new perspectives. In 2012 I graduated from Journalism and I started a journey of photo documentaries that got me to work in different mass media and organizations through Latin America. 

Ever since, I’ve dedicated my days to document life as it is, the natural bright colors, the non predictable and improvised, the raw and real. People and life itself are my biggest inspiration, and as long as I’m on this planet I won’t stop capturing it.

>3 Morethan3

>3 is the sum of the photos taken during my first year living in Sweden. A period of letting go, building my cocoon  and slowly learning to get out of it to see a new world with shifting seasons. It’s been the biggest challenge to become a mother far away from my family, to start from zero in a country and culture so different from what I know. But we all have the power to adapt to any change, and also the power to create and recreate ourselves.This is the visual diary of how I learned to fly next to 2 other birds, this is the window of how I found what is more than us 3. >3 means living with an open heart.